Oh Death
Oh Death
Oh Death
Won’t you spare me over another year?

But what is this that I can’t see?
With ice cold hands taking hold of me

When God is gone and the Devil takes hold
Who will have mercy on your soul?

Oh Death

No wealth, no ruin, no silver, no gold,
Nothing satisfies me but your soul

Oh Death

Well I am Death
None can excel
I’ll open the door to heaven or hell

Oh Death
Oh Death

My name is Death and the end is here.


Sympathy For The Devil - The Rolling Stones, 1968

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The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger

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this styx pandora station was one of the best ideas i’ve had in a while


This touches me at a spiritual level.

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I hear this song and it makes me think of you and that makes me sad.

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“Lola” by The Kinks, introduced by Bob Dylan

From an episode of Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour dedicated to women’s names, here’s a fun song to remind you that not everyone with a girl’s name is really a girl.

“Now I’m not the world’s most masculine man / But I know what I am, I’m a man / And so is Looooooo-la / La-LA-la-la-loooooooo-la…”

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Summertime Laziness

Hannah Hunt - Vampire Weekend
Where Are You Now - Mumford & Sons
Vultures - John Mayer
Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap
Pink Moon - Nick Drake
Oh No! - Andrew Bird
Sparks (Acoustic) - Coldplay
April Come She Will - Simon & Garfunkel
In The Aeroplane Over The Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel
Mardy Bum - Arctic Monkeys
June - Motopony
Australia - The Shins
Everyday Is A Winding Road - Sheryl Crow
Blackberry Stone - Laura Marling
Sunburn - Ed Sheeran
Hold On - Alabama Shakes
Young Lion - Vampire Weekend
Dear Avery - The Decemberists
Michicant - Bon Iver
Daughters - John Mayer

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