Homemade Organic Granola


Ingredients & Instructions (use organic ingredients if possible)

In a large bowl, mix together:


·      1-1/2 cup uncooked large oats

·      ¼-cup ground flaxseed

·      ¼-cup Chia seeds

·      ¼-cup hemp hearts

·      ½-cup slivered almonds

·      ½-cup dried cranberries or raisins

·      ½-cup sunflower seeds

·      ¼-cup pumpkin seeds

·      ½-cup coconut


In a saucepan, combine until just melted:


·      5 Tbsp.  All natural peanut butter or other nut butter

·      1/3-cup Agave syrup

·      Pinch of salt

·      ½-tsp vanilla


Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and combine together.  Spread out the mixture on a cookie sheet and place in a 300-degree oven for approximately 35 minutes or until nicely browned.  You can also sprinkle cinnamon on top before baking in the oven!


Serve with Greek yogurt; eat as a cereal, or as a quick snack.





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